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  • Orlag Clan: Gorlag boss
  • Orlag Clan: Yorlag boss
  • Orlag Clan: Torlag boss

The World Boss gameplay mode lets anyone summon a boss (create a room) for 20 Energy Energy.

Possible loots include existing and unique fusion materials, unique equipment, unique fusion schematics, gold, gems, and EXP.

Party creationEdit

The room creator can make the room private, kick players who have joined, and reorder the party. Players must all click the Ready button before the creator can start the battle, but the party does not have to be full.

Room creators can send party invites to any player currently online.


Tiers determine the level of equipment that can drop. Higher difficulties have higher Item Find bonuses.

Players unlock new tiers by clearing existing zones. For example, a player unlocks Tier 5 by clearing Z4 (Ashvale).

Mythic items are exclusive to T7 and above on Heroic difficulty. Set items are currently exclusive to T6 and above on Heroic difficulty. Legendary equipment can drop from Tier 4 onwards. Epic equipments are on every tier.


  • Xaren: Muhahahahahahaha! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! You dare speak to The XAREN!?
  • Player: ...
  • Xaren: The Xaren has a test for you. Defeat The Xaren's Giant Orc Monster and The Xaren will reward you with the greatest gift of all!! Legendary loot!!
  • Xaren: And if you are lucky, The Xaren's friendship!! Muhahahahahahaha.
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