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Trials Edit

In Trials, you and two familiars may challenge a level filled with enemies. Prior to battle, you must select a difficulty level. The higher the tier, the greater the rewards.

Trial levels are unlocked with dungeon stars, or by clearing the highest Trial level available. Since players can be carried in dungeons by stronger friends, players are recommended to play the levels that correspond to the tier/zone they are in. For example, Tier 1 represents the first zone, Bit Valley.

Players cannot catch familiars or obtain fusion schematics in Trials.

As of 2/5/2017, Hyper Shards can drop from Trials mini-bosses and bosses in Tier 5. Doubloons drop in Tier 6 and Rom Bits drop in Tier 7.

Note: Trial legendaries only drop from Tier 4 and above (lv30+). Trial sets only drop in the difficulty ranges that are teal colour-coded. Trial mythic only drop in Tier 7 Set (lv200+). Check the Equipment page for details on which legendary/set/mythic drop in which tier.

Tier Difficulty
1 1-9
2 10-19
3 20-29
4 30-69
5 (Legendary) 70-99
5 (Set) 100-109
6 (Legendary) 110-139
6 (Set) 140-149
7 (Legendary) 150-199
7 (Set) 200-209
8 (Legendary) 210-339
8 (Set) 340+

Tokens Edit

In order to play Trials or Gauntlet, the Player must use tokens (Tokens). The amount of tokens varies based on the difficulty of the trial. The more tokens used, the greater the reward shall be. A maximum of 10 tokens can be held at a given time with a regeneration rate of 1 Token every 45 minutes. This number can be increased through in app purchases or via guild perks.

Tokens Used Points Loot Item Find Bonus Experience Bonus Gold Find Bonus
1 1x 1x +0% +0% +0%
2 2x 1x +100% +100% +100%
3 3x 2x +100% +200% +200%
4 4x 2x +200% +300% +300%
5 5x 3x +200% +400% +400%



  • Nyxn: So mortal, you've proven yourself strong enough for my trials. Enter and prove your worth.

Gauntlet Edit

Gauntlet is similar to Trials in that they both use tokens and share the same loot table. However, unlike Trials, there is no map, just a series of battles. Gauntlet replaces Trials during special events.

If a player loses a fight, their points will be calculated based on the number of enemies they have killed out of the 34 enemies. The formula is (difficulty x ticket multiplier) x (enemies killed/34).



  • Agnar: Yah, OK string bean. You tink you are vheady?
  • Player: ...
  • Agnar: Get to da Gauntlet!!
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