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The following cover stats used by player characters and familiars.

Primary StatsEdit

A player's primary stats can only be modified with equipment and stat points.

Power (UIPower) calculates the damage the player/familiar can deal. Each point in Power represents 1 damage.

Stamina (UIStamina) calculates the player/familiar's health points. Each point in Stamina represents 10 health points.

Agility (UIAgility) is used with Power to calculate the player/familiar's combat speed. For every turn the player/familiar receives, the player/familiar regenerates 0.5 skill points.

Secondary StatsEdit

A player's secondary stats can be modified by Set equipment, accessories, and equipped runes.

Damage represents how much weapon damage/healing the player/familiar can deal. A damage bonus is applied after the initial Power calculation.

Health represents how much health the player/familiar has. A health bonus is applied after the initial Stamina calculation.

Combat Speed (Speed) represents how many turns the player/familiar can have relative to their enemies. A combat speed bonus is applied after the initial Agility calculation.

Critical Chance represents how often the player can cause a critical hit. The base critical chance for players and familiars is 10%.

Critical Damage represents the damage multiplier when a player deals a critical hit. The base critical damage multiplier for players and familiars is +50%.

Evade negates damage from incoming hits. The base evade chance for players and familiars is 2.5%.

Block halves incoming damage. Block Critical is a block proc on an enemy's critical hit.

Life Steal heals the player/familiar for a set percent of the damage the player/familiar deals.

Damage Return causes the enemy to take damage every time they hit the player/familiar, for a set percent that scales with the damage taken.

Deflect lets the player/familiar avoid damage, as well as return the evaded damage to the enemy. Deflected hits can be blocked, evaded, deflected again, or redirected. There is no limit on the number of times damage can be deflected.

Dual Strike automatically recasts the same skill the player/familiar last chose. If the skill last chosen is a target enemy skill, the player is offered the choice to pick a new target. If the skill last chosen is a backrow attack, and the backrow enemy dies from the first hit, the new backrow enemy will be targeted.

Redirect causes an attack directed at another player/familiar to redirect to the player. The redirect proc is calculated prior to other defensive procs (e.g. deflect/evade), and damage can be redirected multiple times if multiple players in a party have a chance to redirect damage in their direction. There is no limit on the number of times damage can be redirected.

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