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This page catalogues special events in Bit Heroes. Cross-reference with Patch Notes.

A Bit of Holiday Cheer (Christmas 2016)Edit

"A Bit of Holiday Cheer" was the 2016 Christmas event, which ran from 2016-12-16 to 2016-12-26.

From the 12/16/2016 patch notes:

  • "A Bit of Holiday Cheer" event has started!
  • 10 day holiday countdown, with each day bringing something new.

See A Bit of Holiday Cheer (2016) for details.

Easter (April 2017)Edit

From the 4/16/2017 patch notes:

  • A new easter Pet Egg will be available in the shop this week. This egg can contain any of the defense or offense pets for 20% off.
  • All players that login during this week will receive the Lilbun pet cosmetic.

Google Play Pre-registration (April 2017)Edit

The pre-registration period was open from 2017-04-27 to 2017-05-10. Players in regions that already had access to the Bit Heroes mobile beta could not pre-register.

From the errata:

Two Million Accounts Celebration (July 2017)Edit

From the 7/28/2017 patch notes:

  • Celebrating over two million accounts! Login each day for the next 7 days to collect a unique Eluria Cosmetic item!

Kong'iversary (2017)Edit


The promotion image for the Kong'iversary event.

The Kong'iversary was a week-long event to celebrate Bit Heroes' first anniversary on Kongregate. The Kong'iversary ran from 2017-09-30 to 2017-10-06.

From the 9/30/2017 patch notes:

  • Celebrating Bit Heroes one year anniversary of being on Kongregate!
  • All daily bonuses are doubled for this week!
  • New sales will be appearing every day this week!

See Kong'iversary (2017) for details.

Halloween (2017)Edit

Halloween2017 TwitterPromo

The promotion image for the Halloween event.

From the 10/31/2017 patch notes:

  • Halloween is here! Trick or treat with the friendly townsfolk for some special rewards!
  • 15% off everything in the shop for the next 3 days!
  • Doubled daily bonuses for the next 3 days!

See Halloween (2017) for details.

Kongregate/Extra Life (Nov 2017)Edit

KongExtraLife2017 BitHeroes

The promotion image for the Bit Heroes cosmetics.

Anyone who donated to Kongregate's Extra Life fundraiser received a cosmetic set of wings and halo plus a cosmetic dice pet.

Thanksgiving (2017)Edit


The promotion image for the Thanksgiving event.

From the developer:

  • Available for the next two days - find all McGobblesteins in town for some special goodies and check out the shop for our Black Friday deals!

See Thanksgiving (2017) for details.

Christmas (2017)Edit


The promotion banner for the Christmas event.

From the 12/1/2017 patch notes:

  • All daily bonuses are doubled throughout the month of December. Happy Holidays!
  • Visit Grampz in town for a special winter gift!

From the 12/15/2017 patch notes:

  • Holiday cheer is here! Collect free presents in town each day for the next 12 days!

See Christmas (2017) for details.

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