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This page catalogues special events in Bit Heroes. Cross-reference with Patch Notes.

A Bit of Holiday Cheer (Christmas 2016)Edit

"A Bit of Holiday Cheer" was the 2016 Christmas event, which ran from 2016-12-16 to 2016-12-26.

From the 12/16/2016 patch notes:

  • "A Bit of Holiday Cheer" event has started!
  • 10 day holiday countdown, with each day bringing something new.

See A Bit of Holiday Cheer (2016) for details.

Easter (April 2017)Edit

From the 4/16/2017 patch notes:

  • A new easter Pet Egg will be available in the shop this week. This egg can contain any of the defense or offense pets for 20% off.
  • All players that login during this week will receive the Lilbun pet cosmetic.

Google Play Pre-registration (April 2017)Edit

The pre-registration period was open from 2017-04-27 to 2017-05-10. Players in regions that already had access to the Bit Heroes mobile beta could not pre-register.

From the errata:

Two Million Accounts Celebration (July 2017)Edit

From the 7/28/2017 patch notes:

  • Celebrating over two million accounts! Login each day for the next 7 days to collect a unique Eluria Cosmetic item!

Kong'iversary (2017)Edit


The promotion image for the Kong'iversary event.

The Kong'iversary was a week-long event to celebrate Bit Heroes' first anniversary on Kongregate. The Kong'iversary ran from 2017-09-30 to 2017-10-06.

From the 9/30/2017 patch notes:

  • Celebrating Bit Heroes one year anniversary of being on Kongregate!
  • All daily bonuses are doubled for this week!
  • New sales will be appearing every day this week!

See Kong'iversary (2017) for details.

Halloween (2017)Edit

Halloween2017 TwitterPromo

The promotion image for the Halloween event.

From the 10/31/2017 patch notes:

  • Halloween is here! Trick or treat with the friendly townsfolk for some special rewards!
  • 15% off everything in the shop for the next 3 days!
  • Doubled daily bonuses for the next 3 days!

See Halloween (2017) for details.

Kongregate/Extra Life (Nov 2017)Edit

KongExtraLife2017 BitHeroes

The promotion image for the Bit Heroes cosmetics.

Anyone who donated to Kongregate's Extra Life fundraiser received a cosmetic set of wings and halo plus a cosmetic dice pet.

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