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The Shop can be accessed by clicking on the Shop icon located on the far left of the toolbar, or by clicking on Nikko whilst in town.

The Shop is an area to buy equipment and consumables to further help you on your glorious quest to conquer the world. Items in the Shop either cost Gold or Gems; generally speaking, the more valuable items cost the latter. The shop is most notably known as the only place (aside from the Guild Shop) in which a player can obtain Accessories and Pets. Unlike the Guild Shop, items in the Global Shop can go on sale, thus reducing the price for easier consumption.

Sale Edit


Sales do not occur at any regular interval. When active, they last for around a week, reducing the price of an item by a given amount. Usually, gear is reduced by 10%.

Flash Sale Edit


Flash Sales do not occur at any regular interval. When active, they last for 8 hours and reduce the price of a boost by 25%. Note: Flash sales only exist within the Featured tab; upon going to a given section, they will just appear as normal sales.


List of Items For Sale Edit

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