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Rarity is split into 7 types:

  • Generic
  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Set
  • Cosmetic

Each rarity has a color associated with it. Generic is white, Common is green, Rare is blue, Epic is red, Legendary is yellow, Set is teal and Cosmetic is pink.

Equipment Edit

The rarity of an equipment correlates to its stats, the higher tier rarity the higher base stats it will have. On mainhands rarity unlocks skills for each weapon. Common has 2 skills, Rare 3 skills, Epic 4 skills and Legendary/Set 5 skills.

Rarity affects the cost of upgrading an equipment as well as the number of upgrades possible.

See Equipment and Skills for details. See Currencies for details on materials.

Rarity +1 +2 +3 +4
Common 1000Gold
50 Common
Rare 2500Gold 5000Gold
100 Common 200 Common
25 Rare 50 Rare
Epic 5000Gold 7500Gold 10000Gold
250 Common 500 Common 750 Common
25 Rare 50 Rare 75 Rare
2 Epic 4 Epic 6 Epic
Legendary R1 6000Gold 9000Gold 12000Gold 15000Gold
400 Common 600 Common 800 Common 1000 Common
40 Rare 60 Rare 80 Rare 100 Rare
4 Epic 6 Epic 8 Epic 10 Epic
Legendary R2 10000Gold 20000Gold 30000Gold 40000Gold
5 Epic 8 Epic 11 Epic 14 Epic
1 Hyper Shards 2 Hyper Shards 3 Hyper Shards 4 Hyper Shards
Set 20000Gold 40000Gold 60000Gold 80000Gold
6 Epic 10 Epic 14 Epic 18 Epic
1 Hyper Shards 2 Hyper Shards 3 Hyper Shards 4 Hyper Shards

Rarity also correlates to what type of material is gained when exchanging equipment.

Familiars Edit

The rarity of a familiar affects the catch chance, catch success rate, number of skills and stats of the familiar. See Familiars for details.

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