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Raids are unlocked once the player has completed the zone Lakehaven. When raiding, the player must form a team of him or herself and 4 others with the option to choose familiars, friends, and/or those in the player's guild. The team of 5 must navigate through a dungeon fighting pairs of difficult enemies before reaching and defeating the final raid boss.

Shards Edit

In order to go raiding, the player must use shards (Shards). Raids require the use of one raid shard per run. Shards regenerate at a rate of one shard every two hours. The maximum is four shards, upgrade your guild perks to gain more.

Astaroth's AwakeningEdit


Astaroth's Awakening is the 1st raid which was added in the 10/2/2016 update and is unlocked for players who have completed Lakehaven.

The dark lord Astaroth is attacking the realm. Gather your best fighters and join in for some epic fights, new familiars, and awesome loot.

Unique enemies: Astaroth (boss), Olxa (legendary), Shade, Squib, and Ragnar.

Legendary Loot: Sunder, Astaroth's gaze, Astaroth's finger, Astaroth's heart, Astaroth's ward, and

immortal resolve.

Ragnars are usually found in caves and feed on crystals.
Ragnar UIPower 24% Attack (0SP) Soul Steal (1SP) Crush (2SP) Strike (3SP)
UIStamina 37.3% Damage closest Drain closest Damage closest Damage closest 2
UIAgility 18.7% 90-110% 56-94% 157-263% 122-203%
Fun fact: Shade's clothes use to be all white until the unspeakable happened...
Shade UIPower 26.7% Attack (0SP) Eruption (1SP) Pinpoint (2SP) Dark Pact (3SP)
UIStamina 24% Damage closest Damage all Damage target Heal target
UIAgility 29.3% 90-110% 42-78% 119-220% 88-163%
Mer'lan's second cousin, twice removed. Similar in strength. Not so much in intelligence.
Squib UIPower 43.4% Attack (0SP) Vivification (1SP) Flame Burst (2SP) Immolation (3SP)
UIStamina 13.3% Damage closest Spread Heal Damage furthest Damage all
UIAgility 23.3% 90-110% 81-99% 198-242% 90-110%
Orbah gharbarun margurblagh orba glur!!
Olxa UIPower 35% Attack (0SP) Pounce (1SP) Vampiric Touch (2SP) Warm Heal (3SP) Wombo (4SP)
UIStamina 30% Damage closest Damage target Drain closest Heal target Damage closest
UIAgility 25% 90-110% 108-146% 85-115% 106-144% 268-362%
Dark Lord of the underworld. Overseer of all those who dwell in the darkness.
Astaroth UIPower 28% Attack (0SP) Death Touch (1SP) Harvest (2SP) Eliminate (3SP) Cleave (4SP)
UIStamina 36% Damage closest Drain closest Drain all Damage target Damage closest
UIAgility 26% 90-110% 56-94% 28-52% 148-276% 236-394%



Grampz: The legend of Astaroth is true! We need your help to defeat the Dark Lord.

Player: ...

Nikko: Keep your eyes peeled, that realm contains very powerful loot.

Brenne: The Dark Caverns ain't no cake walk. You're gonna need to bring some extra help.


Astaroth: Ignorant fool! You think you can defeat ME!?!

Player: ...

Astaroth: The power of darkness will consume your soul!


Olxa: Orga burxa murgaburgh blarga argabargh!!

Hyper DimensionEdit


The Hyper Dimension is the 2nd raid which was added in the 12/22/2016 update and is unlocked for players who have completed Ashvale.

Unique enemies: Kaleido (boss), Mimzy (legendary), Driffin, Oevor, and Violace.

Despite being bright in color, violence are completely colorblind.
Violace UIPower 24% Attack (0SP) Hack (1SP) Osmose (1SP) Healing Light (2SP)
UIStamina 36% Damage closest Damage closest Drain closest Heal target
UIAgility 20% 90-110% 78-236% 37-113% 70-130%
Oevor blinds it's enemies by emiting bright light from it's bow.
Oevor UIPower 30.7% Attack (0SP) Radiant Shot (1SP) Kick (2SP) Shining Strike (2SP)
UIStamina 25.3% Damage closest Drain all Damage closest Damage target
UIAgility 24% 90-110% 18-42% 147-243% 119-220%
Their bright colored feathers are widely sought after for fashion.
Driffin UIPower 34.7% Attack (0SP) Beam (1SP) Flutter (1SP) Heave (2SP)
UIStamina 10.6% Damage closest Damage closest 3 Spread Heal Damage closest
UIAgility 34.7% 90-110% 66-98% 81-99% 147-273%
Watch your weapons, Mimzy is adept at mimicking anything.
Mimzy UIPower 50% Attack (0SP) Greed (1SP) Shred (1SP) Wealth (2SP) Avarice (2SP)
UIStamina 10% Damage closest Damage furthest Damage closest Spread Heal Damage All
UIAgility 30% 90-110% 116-214.5% 110-204% 60-180% 40-120%
Lord of light and color, Kaleido harnesses the energy as ferocious power.
Kaleido UIPower 32% Attack (0SP) Slice (1SP) Eliminate (1SP) Destroy (2SP) Restore (2SP)
UIStamina 14% Damage closest Damage closest Damage furthest Damage target Heal target
UIAgility 44% 90-110% 94-220% 99-231% 102-238% 60-140%
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