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Player versus Player (PvP) Edit

In player versus player, you form a team of your main character and familiars to take on another player's team. The amount of familiars can change when a new PVP event starts. The enemy player is controlled by the AI. Points are awarded or deducted based on defeating or losing to the enemy team.

Rewards are given out at the end of a PVP event based on the number of accumulated points a player has won, as well as the relative ranking of the player.

The number of points won or lost is based on the total stats (TS) of the enemy. If enemy TS is lower than 400 then the points are 40+TS/5; if enemy TS is higher than 2200 then points are capped at 300; if enemy TS is between 400 and 1800 then the points are TS/10+80. Points are always rounded to the lowest integer (so 150.9 points are 150 points).

Excel formulas that calculate the above are (can be used interchangeably):

  • FLOOR(40 + MIN((Enemy_TS/5), 80) + MIN((MAX((Enemy_TS - 400),0) / 10), 180),1)
  • IF(Enemy_TS<400,40+Enemy_TS/5,IF(Enemy_TS>2200,300,FLOOR(Enemy_TS/10,1)+80))

Losing deducts half the points the player would have won.

Tickets Edit

In order to participate in a PVP match the player must use a ticket Tickets. Upon using a ticket, the player must then select an opponent out of 10 players. There is also an option to use 2 to 5 tickets. Doing this will increase the rewards, however they will have lowered enemy player selections based on the amount of tickets they choose to use.

A maximum of 10 tickets can be held at a time with a regeneration rate of 1 ticket every 45 minutes. The total time required to regenerate all 10 tickets is therefore 7 and a half hours. Tickets can also be rewarded for viewing advertisements.

Coins Edit

Coins earned from PvP are used to trade for items in the Craft menu. See Craft for details.

Dueling Edit

Dueling is similar to PVP in that two players fight each other using their current PvP teams. Unlike PVP however, neither player is controlled by an AI, and no tickets are required.

Dueling does not give EXP or PvP coins.

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