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Invasion is a gameplay mode where players fight endless waves of enemies to obtain cosmetics, schematics and unique fusion materials.

Players can choose the player character, town NPCs and the player's familiars when forming parties.

For details on Invasion-specific unique enemies, see Fusion#Invasion fusions.

Community pointsEdit

Invasion event rewards improve when the community score reaches certain milestones. These milestones are flexible per event, and can change.

The following table represents the Ninja event's milestones.

Tier Community points
1 0
2 6,600,000
3 19,800,000
4 39,600,000
5 66,000,000
6 100,000,000


Brenne: The town is under attack! We must unite to defend our home!

Prof. Haile: Ah! O! EH! These revolting monsters are everywhere! One of them even devoured my Splendid Gyroscopic Magnatronic Atomizer!

Prof. Haile: That magnificent name is trademarked by the way, *wink*

Player: ...

Quinn: Ahhhhhh!! They ate all of my delicious Familiar slop! It's time for all these monsters to... GO AWAY!!

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