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Summary Edit

Guilds are formed of up to 20 players. A player must be level 5 or above, and must spend 2500 gold to create a guild.

Guild members can be added to parties in dungeons and raids, and guild members can message each other even if they are not friended.

Guild members also have access to the guild shop. Items in the guild shop are unlocked when the guild reaches higher levels. The guild shop sells exclusive accessories, consumables, and pets.

The guild interface has 4 tabs: Main, Members, Shop, and Events.

  • The Main tab shows the guild level, number of members, guild chat and options.
  • Members shows the current members of the guild, their levels, and their rankings.
  • Shop lets players spend Honor on items.
  • Events will hold the guild versus guild (GvG) feature.

Guild EXP / Honor Edit

Guild EXP is used for levelling the guild. 100% of the player's earned EXP becomes Guild EXP. For example, if the player earns 100 EXP after combat, the player's guild earns 100 Guild EXP.

Honor is used for purchasing items in the guild shop. 10% of the player's earned EXP becomes Honor. For example, if the player earns 100 EXP after combat, the player receives 10 Honor.

Honor cannot be transferred. For example, if a player leaves a guild, all Honor the player earned while in that guild remains with that guild, and the player will begin from 0 Honor in the new guild. The player must return to the old guild to spend their accumulated Honor.

Member Rankings Edit

There are four types of members: Recruit, Member, Officer, and Leader.

Guild members with promote and demote permissions can only promote other members to equal ranking, and cannot demote those with equal ranking. For example, an officer cannot demote another officer, but an officer can promote a recruit to officer.

Guilds can only host one guild leader at a time. If a guild leader promotes someone to leader status, the leader will be demoted to officer.

As of 4/9/2017, an inactive guild leader can be ousted using the Mutiny mechanic:

Players can now take leadership of a guild after a certain period of time of the leader being offline. This timeframe depends on your current ranking in the guild. Officers can take leadership after 2 weeks of the leader being offline, members 3 weeks, and recruits 4 weeks. This gives the higher ranking players priority over the leadership role. When allowed, a "Mutiny" button will appear next to their name in the members section of the guild.

Member Permissions Edit

Guild permissions

Altered guild permissions

Member permissions determine the importance of member rankings, and can be set by anyone with access to Permissions (under Guild → Options).

These are the default permissions for a new guild:

Promote Demote Invite Applications Permissions Kick

Guild vs Guild (GvG)Edit

Coming soon.

Guild ShopEdit

The guild shop allows members to spend their accumulated Honor on accessories, consumables, and pets.

All items in the guild shop have guild level requirements that need to be met, before the items can be purchased.

Please see the Equipment page for details on accessories and pets.

Shop inventoryEdit

Requirement Name Description Cost
Level 5 PotionRedMedium Average Healing Potion Restores 60% health 2,500 Honor
Level 10 PotionPurpleMedium Average Revive Potion Revives and restores 60% health 5,000 Honor
Level 20 PetPoop Ground Candy 20% chance to prevent death and heal 7,500 Honor
Level 30 AccessoryAntlers Antlers 5% Crit Chance, 2% Evade Chance 7,500 Honor
Level 40 PotionGreenMedium Average Energy Potion Increases your current energy by 50 15,000 Honor
Level 50 PouchTickets Average Ticket Pouch Increases your current tickets by 5 15,000 Honor
Level 60 PetTrike Trike 30% chance to prevent death and heal 50,000 Honor
Level 70 AccessoryFlagCaptainKnight Captain's Flag 10% Crit Chance, 4% Evade Chance 50,000 Honor
Level 80 BonusMagicFind Average Item Find Scroll Increases item find by 50% for 24 hours 100,000 Honor
Level 90 BonusExperience Average Experience Tome Increases EXP gain by 50% for 24 hours 100,000 Honor
Level 100 PetLuvBoi Luvboi 40% chance to prevent death and heal 250,000 Honor
Level 150 AccessoryWingsVoodoo Voodoo Wings 15% Crit Chance, 6% Evade Chance 250,000 Honor
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