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Each day contains different bonuses that affect gameplay. The player also receives a gift for logging in, as well as 2 new bounties for up to a maximum of 10.

At GMT+0 midnight, the current day's bonuses end, and the new day's bonuses begin. The player will receive the new bounties and the new daily bonus without needing to reload the game, but the player must reload the game to receive the new day's login gift. If an event has ended, the player must reload the game to receive their event rewards and participation trophies.

Daily Bonus Buffs Edit

Day Daily bonuses
Monday +30% Experience, +30% Capture Rate
Tuesday +30% Experience, +30% Item Find
Wednesday +50% Experience
Thursday +50% Capture Rate
Friday* +100% PvP Experience, +100% PvP Item Find
Saturday +30% Experience, +30% Item Find, +30% Capture Rate
Sunday +50% Item Find, +50% Gold Find

*As of 7/21/2017, daily PvP bonuses will also affect GvG.

Login Gifts Edit

Day Daily reward Day Daily reward
1 Minor Energy Potion 6 Small Ticket Pouch
2 20 Gems 7 40 Gems
3 5 Mount Guts 8 10 Rune Fragments
4 Major Healing Potion 9 Major Revive Potion
5 Skeleton Key 10 Stat Point

The reward will restart after you earn the final reward.

Daily Bounties Edit

Bounty name Description Possible rewards
Brawler Defeat 5 opponents in PvP 1000 Gold, 5-8 Gems, 4-6 Rune Fragments, 2-3 Mount Guts
Eliminate Defeat 20 encounters in dungeons 1000 Gold, 5 Gems
Cleaning Crew Defeat 100 enemies in dungeons 1000 Gold, 5 Gems
Overthrow Defeat 3 bosses in dungeons 1 Minor Energy Potion, 1 Small Ticket Pouch
Pillage Complete 3 dungeons 1000 Gold, 5 Gems, 1 Minor Healing Potion
Collector Loot 3 treasure chests in dungeons 1000 Gold
One Man Army Defeat 1 dungeon solo 1000 Gold, 50 Common Materials, 4 Rune Fragments
Renegade Defeat 3 dungeons without other players 1000 Gold, 1 Small Revive Potion
Challenger Defeat 15 opponents in PvP 2000 Gold, 10-12 Gems, 8-10 Rune Fragments, 5 Mount Guts
Wipeout Defeat 60 encounters in dungeons 2000 Gold, 10 Gems
Takin' Out The Trash Defeat 300 enemies in dungeons 2000 Gold, 10 Gems
Regicide Defeat 9 Bosses in dungeons 1 Minor Gold Potion, 1 Minor Speed Kicks
Siegebreaker Complete 9 dungeons 2000 Gold, 10 Gems, 1 Average Healing Potion
Scavenger Loot 9 treasure chests in dungeons 2000 Gold
Lone Wolf Defeat 3 dungeons solo 2000 Gold, 10 Rare Materials, 8 Rune Fragments
Hard Headed Defeat 9 dungeons without other players 2000 Gold, 1 Medium Revive Potion
Champion Defeat 20 opponents in PvP 3000 Gold, 15-18 Gems, 12-14 Rune Fragments, 6 Mount Guts
Exterminate Defeat 30 encounters in heroic dungeons 3000 Gold, 15 Gems
Slayer Defeat 100 enemies in heroic dungeons 3000 Gold, 15 Gems
Like A Boss Defeat 3 bosses in heroic dungeons 1 Minor Item Find Scroll, 1 Minor Experience Tome
Take The Stronghold Complete 3 heroic dungeons 3000 Gold, 15 Gems
Hoarder Loot 3 treasure chests in heroic dungeons 3000 Gold
The Nomad Defeat 1 heroic dungeon solo 3000 Gold, 1 Epic Material, 12 Rune Fragments
Recluse Defeat 3 heroic dungeons without other players 3000 Gold, 15 Gems
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