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Cosmetic potions are special consumables that change the appearance of a player's skin. All cosmetic potions have infinite uses.

The screenshots use the Balding and Undies cosmetics.

Name Obtained in Date added
NoPotionScreenshot No Potion
OrcPotionScreenshot PotionSkinOrc
Orc Potion PvP event - 'Astaroth' 11/5/2016
TigerPotionScreenshot PotionSkinTiger
Tiger Potion PvP event - 'Dej' 11/20/2016
AlienPotionScreenshot PotionSkinAlien
Alien Potion PvP event - 'Ogok' 12/11/2016
DemonPotionScreenshot PotionSkinDemon
Demon Potion Trials event - 'Dej' 12/28/2016
MonkeyPotionScreenshot PotionSkinMonkey
Primal Potion Trials event - 'Primal' 1/29/2017
ZomboPotionScreenshot PotionSkinZombie
Zombo Potion Invasion event - 'Zombo' 8/11/2017
OrlagPotionScreenshot PotionSkinOrlag
Orlag Potion Invasion event - 'Ninja' 9/30/2017
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