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The Booster Pack was introduced in the 2/12/2017 update, and is only available for new players who have completed the tutorial. The offer lasts 24 hours.

The Booster Pack is priced at 60 Kreds on the web-hosted Kongregate version, and $5.99 USD on mobile.

As of 4/2/2017, the Highborn set can also be obtained as cosmetics from the Shop's cosmetic chest.


MainhandSwordHighborn Highborn Claymore Sword UIPower7(+1,+2) UIStamina4(+2,+2) UIAgility5(+2,+2)
OffhandShieldHighborn Highborn Crest Offhand UIPower7(+1,+2) UIStamina4(+2,+2) UIAgility5(+2,+2)
HeadHighborn Highborn Helm Head UIPower7(+1,+2) UIStamina4(+2,+2) UIAgility5(+2,+2)
BodyHighborn Highborn Armor Body UIPower7(+1,+2) UIStamina4(+2,+2) UIAgility5(+2,+2)
AccessoryWingsHighborn Highborn Wings Accessory 5% Damage, 2.5% Health, 2.5% Combat Speed
PetOak Oakey Pet 10% chance to attack enemy team per turn
BonusMagicFind Average Item Find Scroll
BonusExperience Average Experience Tome
Gold 25,000 Gold
Credits 600 Gems
Energy 100 Energy
Tickets 10 PvP Tickets
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