This is the unofficial wiki for Bit Heroes, a game developed by Juppiomenz.
Play it now on Kongregate, Android and iOS. Coming soon to Steam.

Welcome to the Bit Heroes Wikia!

If you are a new player, check out the wiki's own Frequently Asked Questions and the community guides. For support inquiries, head to the official Bit Heroes forum.

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Update 1/12/2018
  • Mounts have been added to the game! More information about mounts can be found in game.
  • Every player who logs in this week will get free materials to trade in for your first mount!
  • New PvP and Trials events are now available.
  • Daily login rewards have been adjusted.
  • Materials in your inventory that can be traded can now be selected to view all the tradeable options for that material.
  • Min/max buttons have been added to the exchange screen when exchanging a single item.
  • Battle UI has been re-organized to make room for more skills.
  • Various game screens have been adjusted to make room for Mounts.
  • Offensive Accessories and Defensive Pets have been rotated in the shop.
  • "Show Mount" option has been added to the game settings.
  • Mount has been added as an exchange filter option.
  • Added new bounties that reward Mount Guts.
  • Various translation issues have been fixed.
  • NOTICE: Bit Heroes! We wanted to give a quick notice that there will be a few weeks with no major Friday updates. Events and sales will continue to rotate as normal. We just launched a big new feature with Mounts and are really excited for people to discover and interact with this. In addition, we are heads down working on some big updates due in the next month or two. Clues may be right in front of you...

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