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Zone 4 Background

Ashvale is the fourth questing zone. It contains the dungeons:

  • Rexie's Plateau
  • Warty's Corridor
  • Kov'alg Pit
  • Bonevale

Equipment Edit

All equipment dropped in Ashvale can be obtained from any flag or dungeon in Ashvale.

Drops Edit

Show/Hide Luver set
MainhandStaffLuvMage Luvbinder Staff UIPower12(+3) UIStamina4(+2) UIAgility4(+2)
OffhandOrbLuvMage Dream Orbs Offhand UIPower12(+3) UIStamina4(+2) UIAgility4(+2)
HeadLuvMage Luvhat Head UIPower12(+3) UIStamina4(+2) UIAgility4(+2)
BodyLuvMage Luver's Tunic Body UIPower12(+3) UIStamina4(+2) UIAgility4(+2)
Show/Hide Sabercat set
MainhandClubCaveman Club Axe UIPower4(+2) UIStamina12(+3) UIAgility4(+2)
OffhandBoneCaveman Bone Offhand UIPower4(+2) UIStamina12(+3) UIAgility4(+2)
HeadCaveman Nosebone Head UIPower4(+2) UIStamina12(+3) UIAgility4(+2)
BodyCaveman Sabercat wrap Body UIPower4(+2) UIStamina12(+3) UIAgility4(+2)
Show/Hide Hunter set
MainhandBowstaffKilik Balance Spear UIPower4(+2) UIStamina4(+2) UIAgility12(+3)
OffhandBowstaffKilik Truth Offhand UIPower4(+2) UIStamina4(+2) UIAgility12(+3)
HeadKilik Hunter Warpaint Head UIPower4(+2) UIStamina4(+2) UIAgility12(+3)
BodyKilik Lionheart Body UIPower4(+2) UIStamina4(+2) UIAgility12(+3)
Show/Hide Native set
MainhandAxeNative Trap Axe UIPower18(+6,+6) UIStamina6(+2,+2) UIAgility6(+2,+2)
OffhandAxeNative Ambush Offhand UIPower18(+6,+6) UIStamina6(+2,+2) UIAgility6(+2,+2)
HeadNative Warbonnet Head UIPower18(+6,+6) UIStamina6(+2,+2) UIAgility6(+2,+2)
BodyNative Native Breastplate Body UIPower18(+6,+6) UIStamina6(+2,+2) UIAgility6(+2,+2)
Show/Hide Grand Sage set
MainhandBookScholar Orisis Staff UIPower6() UIStamina18(+2,+2) UIAgility6(+6,+6)
OffhandBookScholar Academic Book Offhand UIPower6() UIStamina18(+2,+2) UIAgility6(+6,+6)
HeadScholar Academic Sagecap Head UIPower6() UIStamina18(+2,+2) UIAgility6(+6,+6)
BodyScholar Grand Sage Robe Body UIPower6() UIStamina18(+2,+2) UIAgility6(+6,+6)
Show/Hide Honshu Warrior set
MainhandBowSpiritWarrior Spirit Shot Spirit Shot UIPower6() UIStamina6(+2,+2) UIAgility18(+2,+2)
OffhandGauntletSpiritWarrior Demon Grasp Offhand UIPower6() UIStamina6(+2,+2) UIAgility18(+2,+2)
HeadSpiritWarrior Honshu Warrior Mask Head UIPower6() UIStamina6(+2,+2) UIAgility18(+2,+2)
BodySpiritWarrior Spiritwalker Body UIPower6() UIStamina6(+2,+2) UIAgility18(+2,+2)
Show/Hide Witch set
MainhandStaffWitchHunter Witch Hunter* Staff UIPower14(+13,+12,+11) UIStamina12(+1,+1,+1) UIAgility14(-1,+1,+1)
OffhandPotionWitchHunter Mana Reserve* Offhand UIPower14(+13,+12,+11) UIStamina12(+1,+1,+1) UIAgility14(-1,+1,+1)
HeadWitchHunter Oberon's Hat* Head UIPower14(+13,+12,+11) UIStamina12(+1,+1,+1) UIAgility14(-1,+1,+1)
BodyWitchHunter Wicked Demise* Body UIPower14(+13,+12,+11) UIStamina12(+1,+1,+1) UIAgility14(-1,+1,+1)

Shop Edit

Show/Hide Brotherhood set
MainhandDaggerWhiteAssassin Shank Sword UIPower9 UIStamina9 UIAgility9
OffhandDaggerWhiteAssassin Ripper Offhand UIPower9 UIStamina9 UIAgility9
HeadWhiteAssassin Brotherhood Mask Head UIPower9 UIStamina9 UIAgility9
BodyWhiteAssassin Brotherhood Shroud Body UIPower9 UIStamina9 UIAgility9
Show/Hide Nordic set
MainhandAxeNordic Ancient Ravager Ancient Ravager UIPowerAxe(13) UIStamina14(+3) UIAgility13(+3)
OffhandShieldNordic Nordic Bulwark Offhand UIPower14(+3) UIStamina13(+3) UIAgility13(+4)
HeadNordic Horned Greathelm Head UIPower14(+3) UIStamina13(+3) UIAgility13(+4)
BodyNordic Gotland Cuirass Body UIPower14(+3) UIStamina13(+3) UIAgility13(+4)
Show/Hide Haile's set
MainhandCrossbowSteampunk Auto Arrow Oscillator Crossbow UIPower18(+5,+4) UIStamina17(+5,+4) UIAgility18(+4,+5)
OffhandGauntletSteampunk Robotic Assit Arm Offhand UIPower18(+5,+4) UIStamina17(+5,+4) UIAgility18(+4,+5)
HeadSteampunk Haile's Cap Head UIPower18(+5,+4) UIStamina17(+5,+4) UIAgility18(+4,+5)
BodySteampunk Haile's Coat Body UIPower18(+5,+4) UIStamina17(+5,+4) UIAgility18(+4,+5)


Rexie's PlateauEdit

Familiars unique to Rexie's Plateau:

  • Terra
  • Uggs
  • Roy
  • Rexie (boss)
Terra's favorite pastime is to soar above the clouds during the sunset.
Terra UIPower 17% Attack (0SP) Sap (1SP)
UIStamina 19% Damage closest Drain closest
UIAgility 24% 90-110% 60-90%
Ugg stabs. Uggs crush. Uggs win.
Uggs UIPower 30% Attack (0SP) Boulder Toss (1SP)
UIStamina 14% Damage closest Damage closest
UIAgility 16% 90-110% 126-189%
Roy's always win dino wrangling at the dino rodeo.
Roy UIPower 16.3% Attack (0SP) Dino Slam (1SP) Bite (2SP)
UIStamina 35% Damage closest Damage target Drain closest
UIAgility 18.7% 90-110% 101-153% 70-130%
Rexie is always crazy hungry. Be careful or she might mistake you for dinner.
Rexie UIPower 44% Attack (0SP) Intimidate (1SP) Inspire (1SP) Furious Scratch (2SP)
UIStamina 18% Damage closest Damage all Spread heal Damage Closest
UIAgility 18% 90-110% 48-72% 72-108% 168-252%

Warty's CorridorEdit

Familiars unique to Warty's Corridor:

  • Saerebrum
  • Sammy
  • Patches
  • Warty (boss)
One brain, lots of arms. And an uncanny ability to read minds.
Saerebrum UIPower 22% Attack (0SP) Pummel (2SP)
UIStamina 28% Damage closest Damage closest
UIAgility 10% 90-110% 168-252%
The venom from a Sammy is often used as a sleep aide.
Sammy UIPower 23% Attack (0SP) Venom Spit (1SP)
UIStamina 18% Damage closest Damage furthest
UIAgility 19% 90-110% 115-214%
A scrappy rat who thrives in dark grimy places.
Patches UIPower 32.7% Attack (0SP) Belly Flop (1SP) Shred (1SP)
UIStamina 11.7% Damage closest Damage target Damage closest
UIAgility 25.6% 90-110% 89-165% 110-204%
Be wary, the warts are very contagious.
Warty UIPower 20% Attack (0SP) Taste (1SP) Slam (2SP) Quake (3SP)
UIStamina 22% Damage closest Drain closest Damage target Damage all
UIAgility 38% 90-110% 45-105% 102-238% 60-140%

Kov'alg PitEdit

Familiars unique to Kov'alg Pit:

  • Golum
  • Zorg
  • Staeus
  • Kov'alg (boss)
Large ears help these little guys hear danger from far away.
Golum UIPower 20% Attack (0SP) Leap Attack (2SP)
UIStamina 10% Damage closest Damage target
UIAgility 30% 90-110% 136-204%
A monstrous beast of a dog, Zorgs have a deadly bite.
Zorg UIPower 28% Attack (0SP) Crush (1SP) Devour (1SP)
UIStamina 30.3% Damage closest Damage closest Drain closest
UIAgility 11.7% 90-110% 94-220% 45-105%
Hooded and cloaked, no one has ever seen the face of a Staeus.
Staeus UIPower 25.7% Attack (0SP) Snipe (1SP) Pinpoint (2SP)
UIStamina 16.3% Damage closest Damage furthest Damage target
UIAgility 28% 90-110% 115-214% 119-221%
Mistress of darkness, her gaze can seduce all.
Kov'alg UIPower 33% Attack (0SP) Skewer (1SP) Impale (1SP) Dark Eruption (2SP)
UIStamina 16% Damage closest Damage closest 2 Damage target Damage All
UIAgility 31% 90-110% 78-116% 76-178% 48-112%



Roy: Ooga chaka ooga chaka.

Player: ...

Roy: Jugga wugga ooga chaka!

Player: ...



Terra: KA KAW!!


Rexie: Oh dear, I've never had my meal approach me before.

Player: ...

Rexie: Come a little closer my tasty friend!


Saerebrum: MYYAAHHHH! Cool lookin' gear you got there! Whered you get it?

Player: ...

Saerebrum: Not gonna tell me eh? After I give you the smackdown you'll have to tell me!

Player: ...



Warty: *ribbit* wanna hear a joke?

Player: ...

Warty: Why didn't the bit hero cross my sewers?

Player: ...



Zorg: Oh! A ball! Oh boy, oh boy a ball! I have just met you and I love you!

Player: ...

Zorg: You won't throw the ball?... *growls* I have just met you... and now I'll EAT YOU.


Kov'alg: Mmmmm. What might we have here? A new little hero? You are an adorable one.

Player: ...

Kov'alg: Come closer my dear, I want to get a good look at you.