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Zone 5 Background

Aramore is the fifth questing zone. It contains the dungeons:

  • Torlim's Vault
  • Zorul's Gauntlet
  • Tealk's Palace
  • Necromore





Torlim's VaultEdit

Zorul's GauntletEdit

Tealk's PalaceEdit


  • Z5F3
    • Bebemenz: Bebemenz!! Bebemenz!! Huehuehuehue
  • Z5D1
    • Torlim: Meep. Meep. Meep. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. Meep. Meep. Meep.
  • Z5F6
    • Conan: HEY SKINDIANA BONES! Dont be jealous that I'm shredded like lettuce.
    • Player: ...
    • Conan: Gemm got nuffin on me! Check out my OWLBLIQUES!
  • Z5D2
    • Zorul: I am the Calamity of Winter!! I will chill you to your bones.
  • Z5F9
    • Brute: I cant see my toes!? I CANT SEE MY TOES!!
  • Z5D3
    • Tealk: Wook into my Mind Contrwol stwaff... you are getting shweepy... wery wery shweeeeeepppyyy
    • Player: ...
    • Tealk: BAH! I shwouldn't have swaid it was a Mind Contwol stwaff!! ...ATWACK!